Our student-run Bike Shop employs student mechanics who are fully trained in bicycle repair and maintenance. Students are hired as Freshmen or Sophomores and trained by experienced mechanics on a wide range of bicycle repair ranging from the most basic flat repair to the most difficult bike builds and tune-ups. We pride ourselves on the vast array of services we provide, if you can’t figure it out- we can! Come visit us today and see what the Bike Barn has to offer! Check out our ALUMNI PAGE!!

Executive Staff

Robert St. Cyr
Robert St. CyrBoss
Nickname: Boss
League of American Bicyclists/League Certified Instructor #813-K-C
Certified Professional Mechanic
Certified Professional Wheel Builder
Favorite Bike: The steel frame bike he built with his own two hands.
Vanessa Leedy
Vanessa LeedyBusiness Manager
Nickname: V
Year/Major: 4th year Civil Engineering major
Employee Since: Summer 2015
Favorite Bike: hates bikes
Interesting Fact: I totaled my dad’s truck while reaching for an almond for Kyle #SpringBreak2k17.


Lizzie Hall
Lizzie HallInventory Manager
Nickname: Dizzy Liz
Year/Major: 4th year, Design major
Employee Since: Summer 2015
Favorite Bike: My bicycle ankle tat
Interesting Fact: Managed to break both arms simultaneously while snowboarding.
JamienService Manager
Nickname: J-Money (officially stylized as J$)
Year/Major: 4th year Mechanical Engineering major
Employee Since: Fall quarter 2014
Favorite Bike: Santa Cruz Bronson
Interesting Fact: I’m a helicopter pilot.
Kahui Lim
Kahui LimService Manager
Nickname: Kahui
Year/Major: 4th year Civil Engineering Major
Employee Since: 2015
Favorite Bike: 2017 Evil the Calling
Interesting Fact: He is very tall.
John Hancock
John HancockService Manager
Nickname: Daddie
Year/Major: 4th year political science major and music minor
Employee Since: June 2016
Favorite Bike: not huffy cruisers
Interesting Fact: has a PhD in memeology
Ryan Gosiaco
Ryan GosiacoService Manager
Nickname: Goose
Year/Major: 3rd year Japanese/Statistics with a minor in Education
Employee Since: Summer 2016
Favorite Bike: 2012 Orbea Orca
Interesting Fact: I have a twin brother that also goes to Davis.
Joseph Gendreau
Joseph GendreauRental Manager
Nickname: Macho Man (courtesy of John Hancock)
Year/Major: 3rd year Electrical Engineering
Employee Since: September 2016
Favorite Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper
Interesting Fact: In addition to working on bicycles, I enjoy wrenching on my car and truck in my free time.

Senior Mechanics

Sam Quimby
Sam QuimbySenior Mechanic
Nickname: Merman
Year/Major: 4th Year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Employee Since: June 2016
Favorite Bike: Whatever bike I am currently riding
Interesting Fact: I don’t know how to snap my fingers
Jacob Wagner
Jacob WagnerSenior Mechanic
Nickname: Swagner
Year/Major: 3rd year Managerial Economics major
Employee Since: September 2016
Favorite Bike: Motobecane
Interesting Fact: Own a panther chameleon
Molly Moritzburke
Molly MoritzburkeSenior Mechanic
Nickname: Molls
Year/Major: 3rd year Mechanical Engineering
Employee Since: Fall 2016
Favorite Bike: Mine, because it’s pink and purple
Interesting Fact: I bet you I can make my face more square than yours
Oscar McBain
Oscar McBainSenior Mechanic
Nickname: Bean, short for Green Bean
Year/Major: 3rd year International Relations major from France
Employee Since: Fall 2016
Favorite Bike: I wouldn’t want to ride anything other than the Motobecane fixed gear I assembled from scratch.
Interesting Fact: I learned how to fly planes and would love to be a bird.
Christa Hoffman
Christa HoffmanSenior Mechanic
Nickname: C Dawg
Year/Major: 3rd year, Environmental Science and Economics
Employee Since: Fall 2016
Favorite Bike: Oscar’s Fixie
Interesting Fact: My twin sister and I have different birthdays
Kilian Ginnell
Kilian GinnellSenior Mechanic
Nickname: Kdog
Year/Major: 4th year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Employee Since: Fall 2016
Favorite Bike: Kyle’s Cannondale Track Bike
Interesting Fact: I moved to America in 2006