This page is dedicated to our alumni mechanics, who have now graduated and moved on to bigger, better things.

Used to work at the barn? Keep us up to date and send us a picture, we’ll save a spot on this page for you!

Our Valuable Team Members

Kristen Snow
Kristen SnowService Manager
What are they up to now? Pearl is working in Davis for Ken’s Bike and Ski, putting her hard learned skills to good use!
Employment: Fall 2009-Fall 2012
Favorite Bike: Bianchi Eros
Interesting Fact:I live on a boat for a quarter of the year
Amelia Badish
Amelia BadishInventory/Business manager
Nickname: Meilz
What is she up to now? Working as an office assistant for Switchfly in San Francisco.
Employee since: October 2008 – Spring 2012
Favorite bike: Daisy, the white and yellow Soma
Interesting Fact: I have done quite a bit of traveling and have been on every continent except Asia (or the poles).
Ian McPherson
Ian McPhersonService Manager
Nickname: Dogface
What is he up to now? Working for Specialized as a Suspension Engineer
Employee: Spring 2009 – Fall 2011
Favorite Scooter: Pink Rally Curb Cruiser SSX Freestyle
Interesting Fact: My pelvis is the only bone I’ve broken
Basile Sensesi
Basile SensesiBusiness Manager
Nickname: Frenchman
Major: Economics and Political Science
Employee Since: Fall 2010
Favorite Bike: White and Red Soma Rush
Interesting Fact: French citizen
Katie Burris
Katie BurrisBike Hub Manager
Nickname: My dad calls me Sweety Pops Honey Girl Floyd
Major: Linguistics
Employee Since: Winter 2010
Favorite Bike: Whatever Jon Penaloza is riding
Interesting Fact: I can speak in many accents.
Patrick Hearst
Patrick HearstBike Hub Manager
Nickname: Sunshine
Major: Animal Science
Employee Since: Fall 2009
Favorite Bike: 2005 Fuji Professional Campy Chorus
Interesting Fact: The Giant Pacific Octopus is known to grow up to 9.1 meters in length.
Alex Young
Alex YoungSenior Mechanic
Nickname: AYO
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Employee Since: November 2010
Favorite Bike: Cannondale CAAD9
Interesting Fact: I still ride my bike with training wheels.
Mason Sinclair
Mason Sinclair
Nickname: Shmason
Major: Civil Engineering
Employed: Spring 2009 – Fall 2012
Favorite Bike: Beach Cruiser
Interesting Fact: Frat Life
Shell Sumerel
Shell SumerelBike Garage/Bike Hub Manager
Nickname: Shell
Major: Sociology w/ a minor in Education
Employee Since: October 2008
Favorite Bike: My Pake or Pierce Arrow Bike
Interesting Fact: I’m obsessed with Harry Potter!
George Allen
George AllenInventory Manager
Nickname: GA
Major: Geology
Employed: Fall 2005 – Spring 2008
Favorite Bike: Colnago Super
Interesting Fact: I still bike to work every day.
Jack Zuercher
Jack ZuercherBusiness Manager
Nickname: Not appropriate for website
Major: Economics
Employed: Fall 2014 – Spring 2017
Favorite Bike:
Interesting Fact: 
Kyle Thielen
Kyle ThielenManager
Nickname: Thielen Good Thielen
Major: Managerial Economics
Employed: Fall 2014 – Spring 2017
Favorite Bike: My Cannondale 2.8 Commuter
Interesting Fact: I have a pet Giant African Bullfrog and his name is Waffles
Annie Ashmore
Annie AshmoreManager
Nickname: Granny Annie
Major: Biology
Employed: Fall 2015 – Spring 2017
Favorite Bike: I think those road bikes from the 80s with the splatter paint frames are still really cool.
Interesting Fact: I also work in a research greenhouse on campus and I’m writing a paper about the vanilla bean!