Bike Barn Cargo Bike

What We Do

The ASUCD Bike Barn is a full service bike shop providing repairs, bike sales, rentals, and more to the UC Davis community and general public. Our shop is student run and managed, which helps us understand the needs of our patrons. We receive funding from the Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD). We are dedicated to providing efficient and affordable repairs and using our knowledge to empower the Davis community to bike safely and confidently.

By hiring and training student mechanics, we provide opportunities to gain professional skills and become a leader of the campus bike community. More recently, we have made improvements to our physical shop and procedures by streamlining our inventory, updating our point of sales system, and standardizing our training curriculum.

We partner with the Department of Transportation Services to provide free helmets to UC Davis affiliates through the Helmet Hair Don't Care program. We are proud to have given away all of the lights from the first round of the Lit Not Hit program. Although free lights are no longer available, we are working with Department of Transportation Services and ASUCD to find a way to secure continued funding for this program. Our team is also planning ways to bring our services to heavily trafficked areas across campus with our mobile repair cargo bike. 

Bike Barn Mechanic Adjusting a Hub

What We Have Done

Founded in 1971, the ASUCD Bike Barn has been a staple of the UC Davis campus for over 50 years. Our shop was originally established as a repair facility for students, faculty, and staff of the university to fix their own bikes or have repairs done for them. Since then, we have evolved to have shop front with inventory for sale, a larger shop floor for performing repairs, and rental fleet. While we no longer loan out tools, we still provide repair and education services for UC Davis affiliates and the general public. The Barn was built in 1910 and as it stands is one of the oldest buildings on the UC Davis campus, having undergone many interior renovations.

Since its inception, the Bike Barn has grown and changed with the needs of the campus community. In the early 1980s the Bike Barn invested in a small fleet of rental bikes to cater to campus visitors and exchange students, which has continued to grow over time. The shop itself has undergone updates to accommodate increased demand and inventory. Currently, there are seven full-service repair stands in the back of the shop. As one of the busiest shops in the country, the Bike Barn repairs over 10,000 bikes a year.

The shop has evolved from a community workspace to a campus resource complete with a full inventory of bikes, parts, and accessories. We value our role as contributors to the bike-centric community, and we are proud of how much we have grown in the last half century.