Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Repairs

  • How long will it take to finish my bike repair?
  • Our turn around times vary depending on time of year. Please give us a call or stop by the shop for updates on our schedule. We are typically most busy when students return at the beginning of Fall quarter (expect to wait around a week and up to a month), and least busy in Winter quarter (same day service or a couple of days). 
  • How do I know what repairs my bike needs? How much will it cost?
  • Please bring your bike into the shop to get a free diagnostic assessment and quote for any repairs you might need. We are not able to provide accurate quotes over the phone or via email, a mechanic must assess your bike in person to help you figure out what it needs!
  • Can I borrow tools from the Bike Barn to complete repairs myself?
  • We are not able to loan out tools for liability reasons. Our mechanics can help you with a lot of quick fixes free of charge, bring your bike in to see what we can do! We also sell some assorted tools and all the parts in our inventory if you are looking to repair your bike on your own.

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FAQ - Work Opportunities

  • I can't find the job application on the ASUCD vacancy website?
  • We only hire once every few quarters, so there is not always a listing on vacancies. Follow us on Instagram to find out when we have opened a hiring window!
  • What are you guys looking for in a candidate?
  • We are looking for candidates who demonstrate interest, are able to communicate effectively about their experience, and who meet most of the qualifications listed above. Please don't be discouraged from applying if a few of the qualifications reflect you, we are a diverse team looking for unique people to join us!
  • What can I expect to do while working here?
  • Our new mechanics undergo a probationary training period where they are trained on basic bike repairs. A large part of this experience is getting to know our shop, helping out with daily opening and closing tasks, and learning our procedures. Once the new mechanic period is over, you have the opportunity to perform easy repairs with more autonomy. Mechanics are moved into the Senior Mechanic phase of learning and are trained on diagnosing bike issues and helping customers up front.
  • Will I have the opportunity to get promoted while working here?
  • Depending on how much you are able to dedicate to this job, how many years you work here, and many other factors there are opportunities for internal promotion at the Bike Barn. Our student manager team was once all new mechanics doing flats and grabbing bikes!

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