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E-Bike and Scooter Policy

With the increasing number of scooters and e-bikes on the UC Davis campus, the Bike Barn has faced some challenges in serving this new customer base. While we work to expand our services to these new forms of transportation, the Bike Barn will not be servicing scooters and e-bikes with forged (solid metal, non-spoked) wheels less than 26 inches in diameter.

Bike Barn mechanics are trained to work on a wide range of bicycles, but we are currently not able to confidently repair scooters and e-bikes due to additional challenges that they pose. Our shop does not currently have the tools to successfully repair these transportation devices. Additionally, the replacement parts required are often highly specialized and different from bicycle parts. We are not able to source these parts from our current suppliers and have frequently encountered compatibility issues with parts that customers bring into our shop. Our shop is geared towards repairing bikes, and in order to adequately service e-bikes and scooters we will need to acquire new tools, equipment, parts, and knowledge. As a matter of safety for our customers we are instituting a consistent policy that we cannot service these transportation devices until the necessary changes to our operations are made.

We want to grow to serve the UC Davis community, however for the time being while we update our training, parts supply, and shop tools, we will not be servicing specified e-bikes or scooters. To learn more about what we will service, please reference the chart below.

Please note that regardless of the type of bike, we are not currently able to service the electric and motor components of any device. We reserve the right to refuse service to any device based on our assessment. Please bring your device in to get the most accurate information and quote for your repair. 


Small Folding Bike with Spoked Wheels
Ebike with Large Spoked Wheels
  • Electric powered transportation device with wheels larger than 26” in diameter
  • Wheels may be smaller than 26” for non-electric transportation devices if they have spokes
  • Wheels and electrical wiring must be easily detachable
  • Required replacement parts are available from Bike Barn suppliers
  • E-Bike is not excessively heavy and will not damage our repairs stands or tools


Electric Scooter
Small E-Bike with Forged Wheels
  • Device is a scooter
  • Electric powered device with wheels smaller than 26in in diameter
  • Device has wheels smaller than 26in in diameter that are forged (solid metal, no spokes)
  • Wheels and/or electric wiring are not easily detachable
  • Replacement parts are not available from Bike Barn suppliers

Other independent shops to consider: 

  • If you are looking for scooter and/or e-bike service, Davis Cyclery will probably be able to help. 
  • If you are looking for a shop that services electric scooters, Davis Bike and Skateboard does small fixes like tire replacements and brake adjusts if you bring in your own parts. 
  • If you are looking for a shop that services e-bikes, Freewheeler Bicycle Center does basic repairs like brakes or tube/tire service without electric service.