Two Bike Barn mechanics hold a sign that says "We R Hiring"

Fall Quarter Updates: We're Hiring!

Thanks for a great Moo-ve In Week Aggies! We had a blast helping everyone pick out bikes and get back on the road. We are so grateful for your support, we’ve had more bikes in for repair than ever before! We are elbows deep in grease, and trying to catch up on our schedule so we can get you all back on the road. Here’s what you need to know moving forward for this fall quarter:

We have temporarily paused our rental service. We experienced extremely high demand for rentals and the majority of our rental bikes got a little bit too much love! We will be working on refurbishing our fleet throughout this quarter so we can continue renting out bikes soon. Check out our Rentals Page for an update of when rentals will be back.

Great news! We are hiring this quarter. You can apply now to join our team as a new mechanic until October 29th. No bicycle experience is required, all you need to do is submit a resume and answer a few questions on the ASUCD Vacancy website! If you are passionate about bicycle education and excited to learn some mechanical skills we’d love to see you apply this quarter. If you have any questions about the hiring process feel free to send us an email at You can also stop by the shop to get a feel for what working here is like and ask one of our mechanics any of your questions.

We are so proud to have given away ALL of the Lit Not Hit free lights at the beginning of this fall quarter. It makes us so happy to have so much interest in this program, and to see students use their lights on the road! We distributed over 3,500 lights thanks to grant funding secured by the UC Davis Transportation Services. Since we’ve given our all the available lights, this program is on pause while the next stage of funding is secured. You can still come grab your free helmet through our Helmet Hair Don’t Care program in partnership with Student Health and Counseling Services. Fill out the HHDC pledge at the link above and stop by the Barn to get your helmet whenever we are open. As for lights, make sure to stay safe and well lit when riding in low light; we have lights for sale starting around $10. 

We’ve had many new students come in to ask about bike registration. Bicycle registration at UC Davis is done through the campus’ Department of Transportation Services - Bike Program using the BikeIndex database. You can check out their website for the steps to get your campus registration sticker! As of this year, every bike bought from the Bike Barn comes registered to you free of charge!

Thanks for reading! We look forward to continuing to service your bicycles, helping everyone with accessories solutions, selling bikes, and spreading knowledge of bike maintenance and safety in the community this quarter!