Our rental bikes are available by the day, weekend, or week depending on your preference. Our rentals are Biria City bikes with 7-speeds and hand brakes. Both male and female bikes are available with customizable sizes. A u-lock is also provided at no extra cost.

 – Individual Rentals are currently AVAILABLE –


Day   $20
Weekend   $30
1st Week   $60
Each Additional Week   $25
Helmets   $10 flat rate
Lights   $5 flat rate


No individual reservations.

Reservations for groups of 4+ only; 10 days notice required for groups of 10+;

Call (530) 752-2575 for reservation info

Please fill out the form below or download and return this file (email: bikebarnrental@gmail.com, or in person at the Bike Barn) to inquire about availability.

Please note, filling out this form does not confirm your reservation.  You must receive confirmation via email or phone from the ASUCD Bike Barn Staff.  Upon confirmation, you will also be asked for a list of participants.  Bikes will be assigned at random to group members based on gender.  Our rental policy states that if your reservation is not picked up within 72 hours of the date of reservation, all remaining reserved bikes will be returned to our rental fleet and available to all customers and other rental groups. Though they might have some cosmetic damage, they are mechanically maintained to the highest standard.

For groups of less than 10, cancellations made 72 hours prior to the reservation date are fully refunded. For groups of 10 or more, cancellations must be made 1 week prior to the date of rental to receive a full refund. Any cancellations made after these respective times will be charged in full. Reservation no-shows will be charged in full. Changing the reservation date from the original date no longer qualifies for a cancellation and is considered non-refundable.

Group Reservation Form

Group Rental Reservation Form

  • If paying with Recharge, what's your 7 digit UCD recharge number?
    This is a contract of renting only and not of sale, the undersigned renter agrees that he or she has rented the item(s) herein described upon the express condition that it will at all time remain property of the rental agreement named above; that he or she has examined said item, found it to be in good condition and will return it in as good condition as when he received it, ordinary wear and tear expected; that he or she will return at once to the rental agent any item not functioning normally; that he or she will pay promptly when due all charges which accrue because of this rental, including damages to said item. In the event the renter fails to return said item at the agreed time, or fails to abide by any of the other terms of this contract, the rental agent may repossess it without notice to the renter, and the rental agent is hereby released from all claims arising there from. All charges are based on the time the item is in renter’s possession whether in use or not. The rental agent is not responsible for accidents or injury caused directly or indirectly in the use of the rented item. In the event of the rental item(s) being stolen or missing, the renter is solely responsible for informing the rental agent of the theft and paying the replacement cost of said item. This amount can be up to $400 for the bicycle and/or other items.
If you have group members under the age of 18, you must also complete and return our Minor Release form and return it by email to bikebarnrental@gmail.com or in person to the Bike Barn ; If you are under the age of 18 you are required by CA state law to wear a helmet.

We now rent out bike lights as well! Loss of a bike light will incur a $10 replacement fee.